Goldwood Studios: Blog en-us 2023 Goldwood Studios [email protected] (Goldwood Studios) Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:03:00 GMT Thu, 06 Aug 2020 01:03:00 GMT Goldwood Studios: Blog 120 80 Where's your portraits? I was talking to a client today about personal branding images for her business. During the conversation, she mentioned she still needs to print her child's senior portraits. So, of course, I asked when they had them taken?


3 years ago!!!! 


This is not unusual when I talk to new clients.

Those images will stay on whatever memory system that was available at the time the images were taken. Let's think a minute we have gone from floppy disks, hard disks, zip drives, CD/DVD's, USB's, the cloud....what's next? Technology changes too quickly. I just purchased a new MacBookPro for my studio and guess what there is NOT a CD drive or USB port in it!  

Oh, wait! You have all your pictures on your phone! When was the last time it crashed, broke, or lost your phone to never see those memories again?  If you try to print wall art from your phone it will be pixilated and very poor quality. 

But guess what I still have photographs of my grandparent's wedding, pictures of my parents growing up, parents wedding, pictures of me growing up, and yes my senior year (don't get me started on my 80's hair and all the aqua net that was used), and yes I even have a Glamour Shot portrait (I worked there in college).

I have memories to cherish for myself and for my family's lifetime.

This is why I don't sell digital images, but amazing wall art for my clients and their families to cherish for a lifetime. 

I am not serving my clients by saying here you print your family memories, on poor quality paper that will change colors, fade, at a non-profressional lab that may only last 10 years or worse yet NEVER be printed for the family to cherish and remember.

These are moments in our lives that only happen once, and need to be preserved, enjoyed, and shared with family and friends. 


What memories do you want to preserve next? 






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5 tips for preparing for a Boudoir portrait experience or any portrait 5 Tips for preparing for a Boudoir portrait experience or any portrait


At least 3 weeks before, purchase your wardrobe or have it ordered. I recommend contacting the following:


  1. If you’d like a consultation with a wardrobe stylist I would contact Nicole. Let her plan out what you’re going to wear that makes you look fabulous. She can help clean out and organize your closet it too. 


  1. I would go see Carla at Uplift Intimate Apparel

       She is a Master Fitter and can make sure you are wearing the correct bra size, so it looks amazing on you and you feel fabulous in it! Plus, she has items you can’t find in Indiana or in some cases the U.S.

Uplift Intimate Apparel


Pamper yourself at least a week to 3 days prior. How would I do that?

  1. Go see Candice Fields at SkinPHix Salon Lofts in broad ripple


Why you’d ask? 

         To get waxed of course! Brow, lip, underarms, legs, bikini or Brazilian, leg wax.

         You don’t get the ingrown hairs, shaving bumps, 5 o’clock shadows!

         Check out the other services she has to offer for your skin as well.


  1. Go see Zona Clark at Lacquer Nail Design

        Getting that manicure and pedicure feels amazing but it also makes sure nails are clean,trimmed,polished and filled and helps get rid of cracked and dry skin.


  1. Hair oh my you can’t forget your hair! 

      Of course, you may want to get your hair done a week before. You know it always takes a week to get use to a cut or color,but the feeling after getting your hair done is always a confidence booster. 

      I would book my appointment with Josh


If you didn’t notice I do a one-stop place pamper day with Candice, Zona, and Josh! 


  1. Make sure you are getting enough water. Drink your 64 oz of water daily.

Why you’d ask? 

      -Your skin is better when it is hydrated and you’ll be showing a lot of it, so you want it to look amazing. 

      -Clothes can leave indents or marks on/in the skin and cause lines that take more editing

      -Plus, Bonus you’ll feel better!


You may have your own favorites places to visit for your pampering, but if you don’t I highly recommend the places and people above.  So, 5 things to before a portrait experience: wardrobe, skincare maintenance, manicure and pedicure, hair and hydrate. 


Remember this is about you feeling your best, boosting your self-esteem and confidence! 





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What is Boudoir?  

So, what is Boudoir?

Does it just mean women just getting naked?


It’s about self-empowerment, self-esteem, feeling comfortable in our own skin. Women expressing themselves and finally having someone show them what others see, so they can see it themselves. It’s telling a story of a woman’s beauty inside and out.

Finding that confidence that’s been hiding and needs let out!

As women, we grow up with stereotypes that have been meant to keep us down and at home. We have broken through a lot of those over the years, but we still struggle within ourselves every day.

Too many times a day as women we put ourselves down (it’s a daily struggle for Myself too). I need to lose weight, my hair is frizzy, my nose is too big or too small, wish I had better cheekbones, I hate my double chin, my feet are too big, my boobs are too small or too big, I have a huge butt, I have no butt, I’m not good enough and the list goes on and on. 



Boudoir photo sessions are just one way to finally see yourself how others see you!

A photograph is worth a million words and with boudoir a million emotions too.

For a free consultation contact [email protected]

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Nature photography exhibited First friday at 5547 Bonna Ave, Indianapolis was a huge success with 13 other artists showing their artistic talents @Coal Yard Coffee in Irvington area. The exhibit goes on thru the end of April. Come out and see all the wonderful art. Thanks to @Cassidy Maley for all the hard work getting everything set up. #5547Project.


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High School Senior Memories It's that time of year again when a new school session is getting ready to start in a short few weeks.  For those seniors it means their last year of high school with so many new and exciting adventures, memories and treasured moments to capture. One of those is Senior portraits that only happens once in a life time. These portraits capture that moment in time that reminds all of us of our senior year and all those memories and adventures.  

Preparing for your Senior portraits is a MUST from:

1) Booking your session

2) Making sure to take care of your skin

3) Plenty of sleep the night before to eliminate dark circles

4) Wardrobe choices that will look good in a portrait

5) Accessories

6) Hair cut, colored, and styled 

Michelle Goldwood Studios LLC uses studio and location setting to help capture those moments.

Session fee starts at only $150 includes:

1) A makeup artist to hide those blemishes, enhance your natural beauty, or give you that model look.

2) Up to 2 hours of time for your portrait session.

3) 3 to 4 wardrobe changes

Portrait packages are available starting at $50.00 and up or you can purchase portraits ala carte. Other merchandise is available, such as various sizes of albums, frames, and speciality items.

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published 4 times this year So far this year I have been published in 3 magazines for a total of 4 times. I was in Freque magazine for January and February, Dark Beauty in April and Gothesque magazine for May.


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Published in Freque Magazine I have been published in Freque Magazines January 2014 issue volume 6 part 1.  Working on my next submission to 3 more magazines for next month.


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Testimonial 1 I had a wonderful time in my photo shoot with Michelle! She was very helpful! Not only was she a blast to sit and talk to, she is an incredible photographer! The work she did with me and my colleagues was remarkable, in fact it was better than all of the photographers we used in the past. She was also very quick in getting the photos back to us. I can't wait to work with Michelle again and I know the other guys can't either. She is a great person and is truly talented photographer!

-Sam Smith-

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Michelle was the first female photographer that I test shot with. She was allot of fun, and down to earth. She chose my wardrobe, which I love when photographers get involved in that process, because they know what will look best for that shot, or theme. She was very responsive to my emails after our shoot, and I received my photos in a timely manner!
I would shoot with her again, and I highly recommend her!
"Kathleen Gregory"
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Welcome Welcome to my photography site. 


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